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Computer Repair Services

  • System Diagnostics: We can diagnose both hardware and software problems and guide you to a solution to your computing headaches.


  • Virus Removal: Many Viruses are out there waiting to infect your computer.  If you are unfortunate enough to get one of these critters on your system.  We are there to help get rid of that pest once and for all.


  • Spyware Removal: The Number One Problem facing home users today.  If your computer is running extremely slow, it is likely that your computer in infected with spyware.


  • Home Networks: Great for sharing internet or printing to all computers in your home


  • Secure Wireless Networking: Anyone can go to their nearest computer store and get a wireless router to share your internet with other people in your home.  The problem with that is you are probably sharing your computer and internet connection with your neighbors or worse yet a WAR Driving hacker that  can access all files on your computers.  We can set this up securely.  So you can rest assured that your personal information is safe. 


  • Email Configuration:  Most ISP's offer email to their users.  We can help you set this up.  We can also provide antispam software to help rid your mailbox of those annoying SPAM messages.


  • System tune up:  After time that speedy system of yours may start to slow down.  There are a number of tweaks we can do to bring that old system back to life.


  • Upgrades: Do you need a new faster and bigger Hard Drive or a good gaming Video card.  Or maybe you want a DVD burner.  Whatever your needs we are experts at computer upgrades.


  • Custom Built PC's:  We can build you that Ultimate Gaming Machine or that Media Center to go with your home entertainment center.


  • Data Recovery:  If you are the unfortunate one who looses everything to a bad hard drive.  Chances are good we can get it back for you.


  • Network Printing: You can efficiently  print from all computers in your home or office by installing an inexpensive printer server









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